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B2Bpl.com represents: Prosper Advertising & Publishing. An reliable partner in International cooperation.

You want to sell in Poland or you want to develop IT project with us. Our over 30 specialists team will help you with any matter of entering Poland.

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High level of competence in IT solutions.

Experience and and mission to develop international exchange of goods and services that everyone's Prosper

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Super Success of the year of 2016 reward

Super Success of the year of 2016 reward

Gfx statuette

Our company has been awarded "SUPER SUCCESS OF THE YEAR 2016". Statuettes "Super Success of the Year 2016" were awarded to companies that in the year of the most successful business in various industries, and that his attitude deserved award.


Among them, in addition to listed public companies Wittchen SA and Work Service SA he is also the owner of the company PROSPER PageAndShop.com Advertising & Publishing.